What are triggers?

Triggers don't cause asthma (no one knows exactly what does) but they can make your asthma worse or cause an attack. Knowing as much as you can about your triggers is important, so that you can do something about them

Triggers are different for everyone. Some triggers are:

  • animals

  • dust mites 

  • colds/the flu

  • pollens

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If you want some help figuring out what your triggers are, ask an adult, your doctor or the asthma nurse. Find out more about your triggers here.


Remember to watch out for your triggers when your asthma is worse because you will react to them more during this time.


As you probably already guessed, the idea is that you control the triggers in your house and around you. This is especially important in rooms where you spend a lot of time, like your bedroom.

Also, check out the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation website for more information on triggers.