Some Typical Triggers

Some typical triggers 
  • Smoke - Most people with asthma become wheezy in a smoky room - so stay away from smoky places if possible.

  • Animals - Cats and other furry animals are not a good choice of pet if you have asthma.  The best choice is something without fur - like me, a fish!  More here.

  • Dustmites - These are too small to see but are everywhere in our homes. They live off the flakes of our skin we constantly shed and it is their tiny 'poo' that makes our asthma worse.  More here.

  • Colds or the flu - You can't always stop yourself from catching colds or the flu so it is important to deal with them as they appear.  We recommend an annual flu vaccine.  More here.

  • Pollens - Pollens can come from grasses, trees and shrubs.  As New Zealand is so green, we have a lot of these so they can often be a major problem.  More here.

Other triggers include exercise, food additives (including colours and preservatives), fumes, strong smells, chemicals, perfumes, air pollution and smog, medications (i.e. all non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs), beta blockers, aspirin), moulds and fungi (a type of small living thing that lives and grows in damp places), temperature/cold air/change of weather.


Some people also find when their feelings change (they are worried, uptight, stressed, excited or happy), this can make their asthma worse. It’s best to talk to your doctor or asthma nurse if this happens to you a lot