Educational Resources

Managing your Child's Asthma

This resource covers everything you need to know to manage your child's asthma, including, information on triggers and medication, how to care for your asthma spacer, and what to do in an asthma emergency. This resource also pairs with our interactive asthma education website; Learn About Lungs

My Asthma App

Have your child's Asthma Action Plan on you at all times, containing simple asthma information such as, asthma first aid steps, and a digital Asthma Action Plan.

The free My Asthma app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to download.

Child Asthma Symptom Diary

Record your child's asthma symptoms to aid in identifying what their asthma triggers are. Once this has been established, you can use the symptom diary to help understand what medication is needed at what stage of their Asthma Action Plan.

Child Asthma Action Plan

Help manage your child's asthma more effectively with an Asthma Action Plan. Simply download the plan and get your doctor or asthma nurse to fill it out. 

School Asthma Checklist

Use this checklist to help reduce asthma triggers in the classroom and prepare for the return to school. The checklist details simple steps such as; getting vaccinated, creating a Asthma Action Plan, and identifying triggers.

Asthma First Aid in Schools

A poster with six steps for asthma first aid, using the word asthma as an acronym to make it easier to remember and follow. Print it out and give to your child's teacher for them to hang in the classroom and/or sickbay.
For further asthma information and resources, including those in Te Reo and Samoan, view the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ website here.