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About Me

You all know me now, my name is Sailor and I'm a puffer fish. I help kids keep their asthma under control so they can be asthma winners. 


I'm 6 years old and I've come from the Pacific Ocean. My favorite food is sushi and sardines on toast and my favorite drink is water. I love swimming and diving. I'm especially good at swimming around and around my fish bowl - my record is 30 times in one minute, which I have to say is pretty fast.

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I spend lots of my time travelling around New Zealand with my best friend Chris, visiting schools and performing our 'Sailor Asthma Show', to teach children and teachers about asthma. Check out all of the schools we have visited over the last few years: 

Each of the different coloured icons show where we have performed our show each year. We've performed at over 190 schools all over the North Island, and 79 schools in the South Island!

Blue: 2016
Purple: 2017
Red: 2018